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GrownPops Adult Popcorn


Grown Pops are our spin on "Drunken Popcorn" which is liquor infused, candy coated popcorn. Offered in single or case purchases as well as bundled with some of our other products listed below

(Disclaimer: Learned recipe) 

Drinks on Us LLC


DOU is a complete mobile "Beverage" company. 

We service all occasions,  gatherings and/or events! 

DOU provides:  self serving "Drink stations", On premises Bar-tendering services, One-Hour Drink sessions, Gift Baskets, and Signature drink creations bottled and label for any event

Frozen Selections


DOU offers a variety of Frozen Treats that currently includes: Fruit Popsicle sleeves, Capri-sun Pouches, All Natural Fruit Sorbets cups, etc

We use all Natural flavors and Organic Fruit for all of our frozen treats!

 (Spiked versions avail upon request)

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